Facebook Will Ban Businesses From Running Ads if They Get Poor Customer Feedback

Facebook has launched a new customer feedback system that allows customers to send Facebook feedback about their recent experiences with businesses. This system may ban a business from running ads if they cannot uphold a certain level of customer satisfaction.

facebook users will receive a notification asking them to do a quick one-tap survey after they complete a purchase that was initiated through a Facebook ad.

A business receiving a high volume of positive feedback will not be  bothered by Facebook, but a business receiving a high volume of negative feedback will be promptly informed and will be given a second chance to improve their customer satisfaction, before Facebook takes action. Rest assured, however, Facebook doesn’t give third chances…

If a business does not improve their customer satisfaction their ability to run ads will be limited and according to the company; “This can continue to the point of banning the advertiser”.

Why is this being put in place now?

Facebook, until recently, has been focused on the customer satisfaction of their own platform. Now, however, they are beginning to focus on third party business satisfaction on and off their platform. This could be due to the huge influx of new businesses and marketers. Drop-shipping comes to mind with this particular introduction.

Drop-shipping has allowed thousands of people to start and grow businesses with very little up front costs, and almost no inventory costs. This has resulted in a massive increase of ads being run to almost 2 Billion (with a capital B) people worldwide. But this new business model, attractive with the small start-up costs, has also brought in people with no experience, looking to make a quick penny.

What does this mean for Drop-shippers?

For the most part, if you are an ethical businessman/businesswoman, you shouldn’t have to worry. The introduction of this new system should weed out the people who run misleading ads in order to try and make ‘easy money’.

As long as your ads are honest and truthful when it comes to the product being promoted, you should be in the clear. it may also push you to provide better customer support and satisfaction, which is a win-win. Maybe this new system will be a blessing.

– The Kamozi Team


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