How To Use Facebook Messenger Plugins In Shopify Stores

Facebook Messenger has officially made its way into business websites and every-day engagement with customers. By introducing the Send to Messenger Plugin, Facebook Messenger makes it possible for businesses to reach customers on an entirely new level.

Send To Messenger Plugin

What exactly is this plugin?

Send to Messenger is a tool that businesses use to embed a button on their website which allows customers to opt-in on receiving messages through the Facebook Messenger app. As soon as customers opt-in through the Send to Messenger button, they begin having direct conversations with the business. These conversations can continue in Facebook Messenger even after a customer exits out of the website they were on when they were first prompted with the plugin.


How does it work?

The most common way customers are prompted with the plugin is when the company wants to incentivise them to visit the website again. For example, a customer adds an item to their cart and is about to finish the check-out process. The item in their cart is marked 30% off. They are given the option to press “Send to Messenger” which opens up Facebook Messenger and gives the customer the link for 30% off. In doing this, the customer is automatically subscribed to an email notification list which will provide updates on sales, new products, and more. The process is shown below:


Why should you use it?

Unlike other forms of marketing, Send to Messenger is a one-step process that allows customers to engage with a company without creating a separate account than one they probably already have. By incorporating one of the most widely-used social media platforms into their businesses, Send to Messenger users will dramatically increase their likelihood of gaining subscribers.

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Facebook’s Checkbox Plugin

What exactly is this plugin?

The Checkbox Plugin is designed so that users can opt-in to receive updates through messenger, all by simply checking a box. Upon clicking the box, users will be asked to login if they have not done so already. By placing it on correct forms on your website, checking this box makes it very simple for users receive messenger updates about many different subjects like new products, receipts, or sales.


How does it work?

This plugin can be applied to any form-based flow on your website. Once installed, you can edit things such as checkbox placement or the opt-in message. Including the opt-in message is beneficial in allowing users to know what exactly they are signing up for. As of now, there is only a default option for the box to be unchecked. A default checked box will be an option in the future.



Why should you use it?

The Checkbox Plugin is a quick and easy way to get permission from users to contact them through messenger. It can also be placed at different points on your website. For example, upon checkout, you could add a checkbox that gives your customer an option to receive their receipt through messenger. Or you could simply place the checkbox on your website’s homepage, offering users the option of receiving updates through messenger. This plugin eliminates users from struggling to figure out how to receive messenger updates.

Click here for more information on the Checkbox Plugin.

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-The Kamozi Team

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