How To Use Facebook’s Messenger Code

What is a Messenger Code?

A Messenger Code is a digital code that is made up of different markings placed around your profile picture. Each user’s Messenger Code is unique to their profile. Think of it like a barcode or QR code for Facebook messenger, except the beauty of messenger codes is that is utilises existing infrastructure. For barcodes and QR codes, you need to download a third party app, and maybe this is just me, but I have never been able to get one to work! And lets be honest here, messenger codes actually look nice! They’re blue and have a logo in the middle, they’re a big improvement to the ominous black and white lines that have spear headed scannable codes for the last few decades.

Facebook Messenger has over 1 Billion users (with a capital B). The codes themselves, when scanned, can connect the user to either your personal profile or business page, and a relatively new development (that is an absolute game changer) allows the codes to activate a chatbot sequence directly in the app!

How does it work?

Once added to your page, all a user needs to do is open up their Messenger camera and take a photo of your Messenger Code. (To open the camera, all you have to do is click the profile picture in the very top right corner of your messenger app, when you do this you will be presented with your own messenger code, and from there you simply click on your own code and viola!) From there, the code is scanned and they’ll immediately be put into contact with your Messenger bot. The messenger code below is one of our own, if you open up the messenger app and scan the code below you can see for yourself how this would work!

(Look how pretty it is…)

How Useful is this?

Well that depends on how creative you are. Lets say you are giving a presentation to an audience. At the beginning of the presentation you could have the audience scan the code, and the bot that you would have previously built would get to work, sending them information regarding the presentation! At the end of the presentation the bot could even send them a file with everything you talked about! You could then use the bot to get feedback on the presentation. Send out a message to everyone who scanned the code and all they have to do is click a button or type in what they thought of it or some constructive criticism!

Why should you use it?

The primary advantage of a Messenger Code is that it takes away the time your customers would spend searching for a way to contact you. No searching or typing is necessary. These codes can also be easily added to any part of your page, whether under customer service, your home page, or near checkout. Users no longer have to search for your Customer Service page to get in contact with you. You can even put the codes on a Business card or around your office or even on a company car! Just scan the code and you’re connected!

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– The Kamozi Team

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