How Messenger Bots Can Increase Trust and Lifetime Value

As a company, your main goal should be not only to continuously gain customers, but also to maintain those same customers as time goes on. Messenger Bots are being used more frequently in the Ecommerce world and for good reason. They offer personalized help to customers rather than sending out uniform emails that often sit in an inbox, unopened. Some uses of Messenger Bots may seem extremely obvious, but it’s important to use them to their full capability


1. Get Comfortable With The Different Uses of Messenger Bots

Messenger Bots aren’t used for one sole purpose. The reason they’re applicable to so many different types of businesses is that they can be used for a variety of scenarios. It’s important to innovate and educate yourself with the different ways you can use these Messenger Bots to best suit your business and your customers. These uses include (but not limited to):

  • Notifying users of upcoming sales
  • Reminding users of time left on offers
  • Showing ads of new product releases
  • Offering direct customer service/support
  • Allowing customers to customize products
  • Providing value to your customers
  • Easy and effortless customer feedback

Applications that implement these services onto your actual webpages are beneficial, but don’t always guarantee that your website visitors will see them. By using Messenger Bots, you’re further reducing the possibility of visitors not seeing that information. In short the uses of messenger are limitless. Whatever you can imagine and make work is at your disposal.

Below is a flow of ours that we build for client acquisition. The flow basically asks the user a number of questions, all the while keeping them engaged, and figures out wether they qualify for a strategy call with us, and if they do qualify, they have the option to schedule a free call with us.

2. Recognize What Your User Is Looking For

In order to efficiently use Messenger Bots to your advantage, you need to first identify what exactly your customer is doing on your website to begin with. It’s impossible to offer an efficient solution if you don’t know the issue. Are they searching for a new product? Are they having a problem and looking for information? Have they previously purchased and are in the market for a related item? You can set up your Messenger Bot with automated messages or customize them, making a message unique to each user.

For example, if you find that a user who has purchased in the past is returning to your website, you may message them suggestions of items related to their past purchases. You can say, “Since you purchased x, you may be interested in y.” Not only are you informing customers about your products in a direct way, but you’re showing your personalized knowledge of them. This process helps to increase customers trust in your recommendations, which increases your chances of selling more products.

Below is a flow for a restaurant. The bot allows the user to view the menu and the specials of the day and then if they like what they see they can book a table. This bot allows the customers to easily and quickly see if they like the food without having to step foot inside. This type of bot can really set your business apart from your competitors, just imagine how satisfied the customers would be when they make a booking at a restaurant where they could see exactly what was on the menu before going in.

3. Identify What Type of Message is Best Suited For Your Product

Although customizing your message to best fit each customer is important, it’s also important to customize your messages for each product. Instead of sending out a message with only copy, consider implementing different media within your Messenger Bots.

For example, let’s say you’re sending out an offer on a particular item that can be customized, such as a piece of jewelry that comes in different sizes, metals, etc. You can allow that customization to occur directly through messenger. Your users can click around directly through your message, easily customizing the product to their taste, increasing the chance of a purchase.

But then again, some items simply don’t offer much leeway when it comes to customization capabilities. In those cases, consider adding in an image of the item or a short video that educates users about your product. These uses of media may be more efficient in grabbing your audience’s attention and showing your product’s worth.

The great thing about Messenger Bots is you can tailor your messages for an array of products, problems, and customers. By using Messenger Bots to send out individualized messages, you’re helping to create a more personal connection with users, which increases trust. And when you gain trust from a customer, you’re working towards achieving your main goal of increasing the lifetime value with your buyers.

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-The Kamozi Team



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