Timerly Scarcity App Now Available On Shopify App Store!

Good news, Kamozi’s Timerly application was recently published on the Shopify app store! Timerly is an app we created for Ecommerce store owners in order to increase revenue. With Timerly, you can easily integrate timers and countdowns on your web pages.

Timerly helps to quietly urge customers to purchase their items before the time runs out, leading to a lower cart abandonment rate. As your customers unknowingly become more motivated to purchase, you ultimately secure more purchases.

Unlike many scarcity apps, Timerly is easy to customize and offers a variety of timer options depending on your situation. You can add Evergreen Timers for specific products, a Standard Timer for sales and promotions, or a Cart Countdown Timer. Once your timer is chosen, you’re in charge of customizing it to best fit your page through different colors, sizes, and placements.

This app is something that we have created and used on our own successful Shopify stores. As Ecommerce store owners ourselves, we have improved this app with our own experiences in mind, in an effort to provide you with the best service possible.

If interested, click here to download the Timerly App!

-The Kamozi Team

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