Marketing Match Up: RocketMessage vs. ShopMessage

Cart abandonment is a problem that anyone in Ecommerce has to deal with. You can spend money on advertising, increase your click rates, and even get users to add your items to their cart; but if a cart is abandoned, none of that means anything. That being said, it’s vital for a successful Ecommerce company to incorporate cart abandonment recovery tactics. And luckily for you, there are a number of applications that are based on cart abandonment solutions. Today we’re going to be focusing on two messenger applications, RocketMessage and ShopMessage, that help to decrease your cart abandonment rates.

What specific services do they provide?


RocketMessage has three main services categorized as messenger marketing, email marketing, and push notifications. Through these three outlets, you have the ability to send welcome campaigns, receipts, order follow-ups, and cart abandonment messages. Through your company’s Facebook account, RocketMessage will send automated or customized messages to your customers via messenger and email. RocketMessage also has incredible growth tools, such as exit intent pop-ups and live messenger chat plugins, which you can install on your site or store to incentivise customers to take a certain action.

They also offer an easy to navigate dashboard that allows you to track different analytics. You can view the number of orders and revenue that you’ve recovered, whether it’s through the messages or emails you’ve sent out. Other aspects of your business such as customer return rate, online store conversion rate, and your top products sold can also be tracked.


ShopMessage’s service focuses solely on messenger marketing. This application allows you to set up your Facebook page so that it automatically sends your customers a message if they leave your site without purchasing the items in their cart. It also gives a pre-opt setting so that customers are automatically opted into receiving your messages if they’re already logged into Facebook. 

ShopMessage also offers a dashboard that will allow you to keep track of your messaging campaigns. You can track the number of orders, customers, and revenue that you’ve recovered through their application.


Customization Capabilities


RocketMessage offers three automated email campaigns that are sent out once a cart is abandoned. You can customize these emails with your logo, edit your brand’s colours, and alter the message content depending on your customer. You can also edit the times that these emails go out. Their messenger and push notifications can be customized as well through delivery times, content, and images.

RocketMessage also has very powerful messenger capabilities. You can send out abandoned cart recovery messages as well as receipt notification. The recovery messages can be scheduled to send over a few days or whenever you see fit. The customization on the RocketMessage platform is next to none. You can also have the messages include discount codes to incentivise the customer to come back and make the purchase.

RocketMessage’s growth tools are also very customizable and very effective. The exit intent pop-ups allow you to give the customer a reason to stay on the site and make a purchase when they go to leave the site. The love messenger chat plug-in allows visitors to ask questions about products and to reach out to the customer support team very easily, as it is available on every page on the site. The days of frustrating customers with difficult to navigate sites as they look for the ‘Contact Us’ page are certainly gone. We have seen a big increase in customer satisfaction by using these plug-ins.


ShopMessage will automatically send three Facebook messages to customers for you over the following 24 hours after their cart has been abandoned. The first message is sent 30 minutes after abandonment, the second message is sent 23 hours after, and the third message is sent 48 hours after. You can customize the content of your message and add a discount code if applicable. You can also edit the location of the opt-in checkbox on your webpage.


The Installation Process:


Install RocketMessage by going to Enter in your Shopify URL and click “Get Started.” From there you will be taken to your Shopify account, where you will click “Install unlisted app.” From there, it’s a simple 4 step process that allows you to connect to your Facebook account so that you can implement the Facebook Messenger checkbox.


This application is plug & play and only takes about three minutes to install. Once installed, your pages will now have a checkbox below the Add to Cart button. This checkbox will say, “Send to Messenger.” As long as the user is logged into Facebook, the box will already have their name checked to receive updates.




RocketMessage offers a 28-day free trial. From there, they go by the motto, “we only grow if you grow first.” Their prices are solely based on your own sales, starting at $29 a month.


ShopMessage’s pricing is a little more pricey. They offer a 14-day free trial and then price their service at a consistent $99 per month.



RocketMessage is without a doubt the superior app. With more features, more customization, more flexibility available and lower costs, RocketMessage is our top recommendation for Messenger Marketing apps for Ecommerce.


Click here to learn more about RocketMessage and their pricing.

Click here to get access to Seth Smith’s webinar, where you can see RocketMessage in action.


– The Kamozi Team

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